Body Corporate Chairs' Group Incorporated

Body Corporate Chairs' Group Incorporated


Meetings are held predominantly in Wellington and Auckland but all financial members are sent copies of the presentation and any meeting notes after each meeting. 

In late 2014 agreement was reached for a new major branch to start in Auckland.  Auckland-based members run their own meetings, targeted at Auckland issues as well as sharing some meetings with the Wellington branch. 

Future meetings will be held in Auckland and Wellington and any other area where a sufficiently large number of BC chairs are located. 

Past meeting topics 

Past meetings have included the following topics:

  • Earthquake strengthening
  • BC insurance
  • Responsibilities of a BC chair
  • Long term maintenance plans
  • Quality BC management
  • Cost recovery from owners
  • Choosing a great BC management company
  • Good financial management
  • How to run a great BC AGM
  • Honoraria for BC chair/committee members 

Future meetings are based on an annual survey of members to ensure that the needs of BC chairs are continually being met.